Diving & Covid-19

Diving & Covid-19 (Corona), what is still possible and what are the changes?

Read all below here! Spoiler: Being underwater is the safest place from Covid!

When the world got hit by the Covid-19 virus it almost stopped the world economy. This deadly virus does not just make humans sick and takes many lives but it affects the whole world from political to economical scale.

In the dive industry it was not much different. It struck us like an invisible storm. It did not only bring many dive companies to its knees, but it made us think of “another way of diving”.

Although under water it is totally safe from the virus because it cannot spread under water, there is still the part where you are with your buddy and other divers, above water.

“Safety first” is always said while going to dive or while preparing for a dive. And now we also must think of not spreading this virus as well. It lets us make many adaptations and take precautions to make sure we could still prepare to dive in a safe way.

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Social distancing

We should all know by now that we take a safe 2-meter distance from each other. All divers will tell you that a buddy check is necessary before you go diving.
So, how is a buddy check done in a safe way, while keeping a safe distance?

Some of the adjustments that are made is that already with setting up your own gear you keep a safe distance and do not set up right next to each other anymore. For boat diving this often means less capacity on a boat.

Social distance
Another adjustments is that we do the buddy check now with our own mask on, our own regulator in and do not check your buddies’ octopus with your mouth anymore, but just by pressing the purge button.
Gear set up covid rules


Disinfecting is also of the utmost importance. All masks and regulators should be properly cleaned with proper disinfectant, before and after each dive. This is for the rental gear and gear of the guests.
There are dive centers that have you buy your own mouthpiece so that you can use this when you are going to use rental regulators.

With all these safety measures we try to make sure we can still dive safely and prevent spreading of the virus.

For us, as dive instructors/dive guides, this is an extra task we must look after. We need to be role models but also make sure our guests follow these guidelines.
It has quite an impact on our “normal” way of working. Nowadays there is the “new normal” way of working procedures and taking in account all the precautions.
Giving handshakes, high fives or hugs are unfortunately not possible anymore.

Luckily under water it is all safe and we can still enjoy the aquatic world to the fullest!

So, I would say: “Don’t let this virus stop you from going on diving adventures and keep diving! There is no place safer from Covid-19, than under water!”

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mouthpiece disinfect

We hope this information was helpful! If you need more information feel free to contact us & we hope to see you soon!
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