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Dive Division is the Dive Network that ensures quality, safety, and training for all dive & watersports centers. With an island-wide coverage on Curacao, customers will experience the same service at any place.

Next to quality control of dive centers, Dive Division also offers different services like retail stores, media productions, support services, and a local dive club.
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The Dive Division retail shop is THE store on Curacao for SCUBA dive gear, snorkel gear, and watersports accessories. The Store is centrally located at the Mambo Beach Boulevard, two steps from the beach!
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We offer the widest variety of SCUBA dive and snorkel gear of first-class quality brands with the best service on Curacao.


Dive Division offers the widest Pro Development Program on Curacao.
With an in-house Course Director, a PADI Career Development Center, highly trained instructors & several dive centers, we can give you the ideal guidance!

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✓ Instructor Development Courses
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Self-Reliant Diver Course, a must-have for any dive professional

Diving solo!? You must admit, it sounds a little crazy, but there are situations in which a diver would want to be a Self-Reliant Diver. That is not what this course is about. Do not worry, you do not have to abandon your dive buddies. The focus in this course is exactly what the name…

Why do we hunt Lionfish on Curacao?

The lionfish is a beautiful fish but, unfortunately, they are very invasive and do not belong in the Caribbean Sea. There are different stories about how the lionfish ended up here in the Caribbean and in Curacao. One of those theories is, they hitchhiked in balance tanks of large ocean-going vessels from Asia. But the…